MY DEPRESSION – Benjamin Spartos

The effect of depression is a dark lonely road of confusion, resentment, regret, unsatisfied emptiness and unanswered questions that keeps friends and family far away . Only acts of genuine undivided love can mend a broken soul. Mental Health is real, it crashes lives and it’s never the victim’s fault. Video Director:Patrick ‘djmarsta’ Odur, Trail Pictures

#AltruismForPositiveHealth #LoveConquersAll #NurturingLoveInTheHeartOfHumanity

GIVE ME LOVE(Acoustic live performance) – Benjamin Spartos

“We Both Know” cover by Benjamin Spartos and Keirsten

Yesu Amala Live performance at Stonefest 2017

Love Conquers All by Benjamin Spartos. This was at a live performance in Jinja during the Stonfest event. It is a song that digs deep into the depth of humanity and addresses love amongst us all. You actually cannot take a step without Love growing in your heart. Plant the seed of love today and nurture it. Peace, happiness, serene mind, success…will prevail

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