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The year 2022, comes with vibrant bright colors that are filled with great opportunities ready to explode.

We are thankful to you for entering this year with us and are more than excited to unveil lots of good vibes we have in stock for you.

This year our focus is on upbeat music and we can’t wait to share with you the babies we are cooking.

Benjamin Spartos is a versatile artist who is slowly mastering the various forms of music to make your experience even more entertaining and uplifting.

There’s so much we have to share this year and we will, one share at a time.

While we wait for the new babies to be released there’s a quick link that will make it easy for you to check out what songs we have produced so far and the many ways you can support the musical journey. While there, feel free to show some love through likes, shares, subscriptions, and comments.


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January 6, 2022


January 7, 2022

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