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The 11th Music Session at the mental health unit of Gulu Regional Referral Hospital held on 15th September 2019:

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A total of 14 attended. 29% were patients while 71% were Caretakers.

We are so glad to have Jeff Korondo , Geoff Walker and Samuel Otim volunteer to support the project.

Benjamin Spartos and Jeff Korondo nurtured a positive atmosphere with the beautiful songs they sang. Did you know that with the right music you can clear negative thoughts that lead to suicide, intentional murder, depression and so much more

Geoff Walker’s expert skills in photography are the behind all the perfect pics taken

Samuel Otim has been very supportive with interpretation

We are so glad at the positive energy these sessions create in the lives of the patients, their caretakers and also the team organizing. Its a two-way healing process.
Music is more than just mere entertainment. As a matter of fact it is one of the oldest forms of healing and restoration. Its a universal language that units, promotes peace and love. It boosts brain memory among many other scientifically proven functions

As we strive to sing music with positive message we also aim at catalysing the healing process and bridging the gap between people battling mental health challenges and their community. So many times we have chosen to blame these people instead of giving them the genuine support they need to heal either because we are not under informed or not informed

Having a mental health condition shouldn’t deny us the right to be loved and recognized

Together we can make the road to recovery from mental health challenges a safe and comfortable path

Photo credits: @geoffwalkernz

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