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Nothing is a coincidence. Every step of the way has been worth it.

We were connected to Mr. Francis Nyero, the National coordinator, Intercessors for Uganda and his team. They agreed to meet with Aciro to hear her story and stand with her in prayer.

The first meeting was brief but we are glad that it gave room for a longer meeting.

One of our resolutions was to go to help her regain her land back through having peace talks.

We can’t do so much, in fact we are not professionals in many things but to the best of our ability we use the skills we have to bridge connections between people facing mental health challenges and possible support.

Aciro is one out of so many people battling mental health challenges. Many of them are victims of violence and war crimes.

Reach out to us in case you want to get involved in any way through benjaminspartos@gmail.com or +256778924226

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