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In order to achieve peace and harmony, we need to tap into the force that binds us together. The relaxing feeling that draws us to focus on supporting one another. We all have that feeling. It’s so innate that no amount of bad can entirely erase it. We are drawn to work together, to support one another, especially at the toughest moments. We are also drawn to celebrate joy and success together with those we hold dear.

Do not let the frustrations of this world make you give up on people and life. Find that circle of friends and family that bring out the best of you and tap into the positive energy. Seek for people within your circle that have gaps and find out whether you have the missing piece. Many times we tend to assume that we cannot help out because we are equally broken. The glue we need to fix us, the missing piece, is drawn to acts of love, peace, and unity. So let’s take that bold step of faith, stretch our hands and reach out to those we can for a healthy life.

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