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We are so passionate about mental health matters and have always had an objective of using online platforms to talk about the facts and myths around mental health and to introduce music as a form of therapy.

We are officially kicking off ‘Music & Mental Health Reflections’, a series of online engagements that are focused on changing the mindset around mental health through education, advocacy and therapy

We kick off our very first session on Saturday 12th June, 2021 with Nayiga Maria (@marie_qween_bee) a Community Psychologist.

We’ll have the zoom meeting (Details in poster) from 8AM – 9AM and also stream the discussion on our social media platforms (twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram) from 1PM – 2PM

Looking forward to having you be a part of these discussions

Special thanks to the Kuonyesha Art Fund for Supporting this project

Share widely with anyone that shouldn’t miss out on this

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