Nicango, music for mental health
“Mental Health Challenges are real. They are our problems”

TWO WIC is an Acoli word that means MENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGES.

This song calls on us to walk/stand/come together for mental health challenges. It’s a reminder that we all can fall a victim of mental health challenges. So many times people battling mental health challenges are abused, violated and called all sorts of names instead of being supported with genuine love. This is one of the greatest barriers to their recovery. In order for the medication they are given to work well they need a positive environment where people give them a shoulder to lean and a constant reminder that they are beyond the condition that they are battling. You don’t lose anything when you give a helping hand to somebody that cannot stand on their own

In the eyes of Benjamin Spartos

This song is part of the EP Album NICANGO that will be available for free download today(September 20th, 2020) at 12:00pm through this link:

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