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There is beauty in simplicity that complication may never understand
Look at life as a picture. Not all the pictures we take are good, but that doesn’t change who we truly are and most importantly who we want to be and where we want to go.
When life hits you with negativity, take it as a poorly captured photo and focus to get have a better picture. It’s not a one day venture; it’s a never ending process that mostly involves self-evaluation, consistency and positive surroundings
The most important thing to note is not getting so drawn into getting the right photo to the point of affecting your mental health. The photos need to be improved but not at the cost of yourself.
Focus on understanding your strengths and weaknesses and slowly you will build a good simple picture. Let it come from inside.
Choose the right people you can call true friends but also know that there is a possibility that they will let you down. Don’t allow yourself to hold on to things for so long. Let go when the time comes and focus on moving on other than dwelling on the ‘sweet’ past.
Lastly listen to good music to calm you down and get your spirits up
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